Bipolar Manic Depression

By Fred Douglas

Though not everyone may realize it, bipolar mood disorder is a real condition. It is frequently also called bipolar manic depression since the disorder tends to cause swapping periods of mania and depression. It is a serious sickness. Some people have a mix of bipolar schizophrenia, which is even more tricky to manage and treat. There are two different versions of the bipolar disorder, resulting in some various symptoms and the requirement for rather different treatments, though the two forms are equivalent in nature.

Though not everybody may realize it, bipolar mood disorder is a genuine condition. It is often also called bipolar manic depression since the disorder tends to cause alternating times of mania and depression. It's a serious sickness. Some humans have a mix of bipolar schizophrenia, which is even more difficult to manage and treat. There are 2 different variants of the bipolar disorder, leading to some different symptoms and the requirement for slightly different treatments, though the 2 forms are equivalent in nature.

Bipolar disorder can cause mood swings that can go from the lows of depression to the highs of mania. In the lows, an individual may feel sad or hopeless or even lose interest in several activities. When mood shifts into the other way, an individual may feel enraptured and full of energy. The incidence of mood shifts could be as little as a number of times a year to as much as a couple of times a week. In a number of cases, biploar mood disorder may cause evidence of both depression and mania at the same time.

Generally bipolar treatments will require long-term treatment since it isn't a lingering, relapsing sickness. Most people that suffer with this disorder must be on medication in order to stop new episodes and stay symptom free. Medication alone will not entirely control all symptoms , however , so that the best treatment method usually involves a combination of medicine, care, life changes and social support. Diagnosing bipolar disorder can often be hard, and that's why it is important to work with a trained psychiatrist.

Bipolar disorder is basically split into a few different sub-types, and every one has a different pattern of bipolar disorder symptoms. If someone suffers from Biploar I disorder, the mood swings may cause significant problems in a job, relationship or school. Manic episodes can be severe and threatening. In Bipolar II disorder, you can experience and elevated mood and some bad temper, but usually you can carry on with your normal, daily running order. The precise symptoms can change from person to person and this is why treatment is geared toward a particular person, and not just a'one size fits all'.

So far, there appear to be several different factors concerned in causing and triggering either a manic episode or bipolar depression. A few of these factors include, the environment where stress or significant loss can play a part in the disorder. It is also far more commonly found in people who have a blood relative, such as a sibling or parent, with the disorder. And eventually, people with bipolar disorder appear to have physical changes in their brains and analysts believe that understanding these changes can help pinpoint the reasons for the disorder. - 32543

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How To Stop Panic Attacks - Face Them Head On And Be Done With Them Forever

By Lowell Kelley

If you need to stop panic attacks for good, confronting them head on is the handiest way. Rather than battling against the attack, allow it to come and finished. To put it another way, ride out the storm of an anxiety attack.

This is suggested for two vital reasons.

1) The 1st is that fear begets fear. The more you struggle against and try to prevent the anxiety attack, the more fear you'll produce. Fear basically feeds on itself and causes the assault to become even more intense.

Yet if you confront the assault head on, it steadily loses its force and energy as it has nothing to feed off. A good analogy of this is riding a roller coaster. You may have realized that fear and anxiety grow the more you resist and struggle against the movement of the ride. as you go with the flow of the ride, the more enjoyable the ride becomes.

There's an old saying, what you resist continues.

2) The 2nd reason is that the more that you try to keep away from or escape the anxiety attack, all that you are doing is avoiding the consequences until the next episode.

However if you confront the assault, accept it for what it is and ride it out, you can discover that there really was no true danger to fear or fret about. You will understand that your biggest fears weren't grounded in reality. No harm came upon you at all .

The more you face your attacks head and come out unscratched and O.K, the more you'll come to notice that your biggest fears are just the product of your thoughts, not a real, clear, and present danger.

This information will help you to see your attacks for what they are and will give you the faith and nerve to face future episodes. Ultimately, you may understand how to stop panic attacks for good. - 32543

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The Secret: Self Help For Panic Attacks

By Alyson Vandenberg

There are several reasons why someone would seek self help for panic attacks. This disorder can come from several things one being over stressed. Finding out ways to eliminate stress and how to deal with these episodes can help maintain order and restore pleasure in one's life.

Learning the different things in your life that may be contributing to your panic attacks is necessary. You need to be aware of the reason for these annoying episodes and the history behind them. School yourself on the issues that surround these continuous circumstances and try to cut back on certain foods such as caffeine which happens to play a motivating force to these attacks occurring.

Taking some time out for yourself and seeking support is a way to help you deal with panic attacks. Sharing your thoughts and concerns with a close friend or family member can allow you to relief some stress which can instigate a panic attack. Talking out your worries and fears is an excellent way to let go of things that may be bothersome to you.

Keeping track and staying in control of your breathing is another great way to keep things intact. A small brown paper bag can help you maintain a sense of control when a panic attack is in effect. By breathing into a paper bag there is a significant amount of air available in the mind of a person who is experiencing an attack and this leaves them with a sense of control because during this attack a lack of air is the victim's main concern.

Talk to yourself. Try to coach yourself through a panic episode. When you feel a an episode coming along it is an excellent idea to tell yourself that this is only a passing phase and that you are in control. By reminding yourself that nothing is wrong you are taking control over the situation. You are not allowing yourself to believe that you are slipping into a dilemma where you will lose it or be harmed.

Inhaling something that is sweet and placating can help a person remain calm. A delightful scent can bring about happy feelings and feelings of security. Many find that when doing or engaging in something that makes them feel good takes their mind off what is occurring during an attack. The smell of baby powder can bring about joyful feelings or scent of a relaxing candle can also be of great assistance. Try smelling something that makes you happy.

Counting backwards from 100 is a sure way to help you during a panic attack. When the mind is redirected on trying to recall something the person isn't concerned or fully aware of the present state. This is a wonderful technique that will keep you busy.

There are online support groups and people who can help you deal with this issue. Being able to relate to others can bring a sense of comfort. If there are others who are also experiencing the same thing as you then you may find it easier to work through your panic attacks.

Self help for panic attacks provides many support groups, tactics and information that can be of great assistance to you. Deal with the issue and learn how to cope with it. Eliminating certain things from your life may be all you really need in order to gain control and live the life you deserve. - 32543

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Why Do They Lack Self Esteem And Confidence?

By Charles Thomas

Why do people become depressed and anxious? Why do they lack self esteem and confidence? The answer often lies in negativity. It begins with negative thinking and then people start to believe that they are stuck and that their situation is hopeless.

You might need to go to the doctor so you can get some medication prescribed for you. That will jump start your recovery, but it won't provide the long-lasting answers you need.

For the solution to your problems, you maybe surprised to know, lies not in your doctor's prescription but in your way of thinking and overall mindset.

While it's natural for people to try to find someone else to blame when they encounter difficulty, the truth is that we are often the ones responsible for the things that go wrong. Therefore, we should begin by looking at ourselves and at how we choose to live our lives. We need to determine what's wrong with our way of thinking as well as to figure out how to change it.

Once we've done that, then the real work can begin. There are no instant fixes.

Nothing happens overnight for this isn't magic. You have to work on it day in and day out. Make a plan. Choose your routine that which is comfortable for you. But once chosen, it must be followed every day without deviations. Slowly but surely, you will start noticing changes in your attitude and in the way you see things. This change will then fuel your determination to succeed. You will start to see things that have been going well for you, but had been obscured by your earlier negativity.

Do keep in your mind that the improvement in your outlook will be gradual and directly proportional to the effort you put in and your commitment to it as well as your initial negativity.

Your progress will only motivate you to work even harder and soon the time will come when you will realize that you not only deserve success, but that you are also well on your way to achieving it. - 32543

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Anger Management Seminar Life Changing Systems And Expertise

By Eddie Lamb

If you have ever felt like organising your own anger management seminar then this article will help you with some of the basics. As long as you can put a message across anyone can arrange a seminar. It is not that difficult and once you start then everything will fall into place. Firstly you will need to find people interested in attending. Where will you get these people from? Well. The message you want to put across will help. In this case, temper management so therefore you can start looking at rage management sessions, support groups and Internet support groups.

Although you could specify a certain age group it might be better to include all age groups if you are worried about the amount of people that may attend. However a crucial step towards a bright future of the child is to learn how to deal with temper healthily whilst they are younger. The goal of educating people about healthy rage techniques in classes is to teach efficient temper management capabilities.

Many people may have drawbacks with their emotions and will require extra information on rage control. At the end of the day you could provide the people who attended the event with a list of contact people, names, addresses and telephone numbers. Uncontrollable emotions at work might be destructive to a person's job so covering this area could help many people.

Try to explore all aspects of the message so you do not present a one-sided view. Interviews with people are a great element to the seminar. Use different props such as videos, books and speeches. There are so many ways that you could present the message on the day. Remember that everyone learns at a different rate. You will want to include a welcome pack and in this pack remember to put essential items like pens and paper so that people can make notes on the day. It is also commonplace to put some freebies.

Ensure that you know what professional organisations are attending as you will want to address them and maybe thank them if they have contributed to the event. With a seminar you might be able to get some outside help including funding. This is the same for many health related seminars. There are special organisations that you write to, to apply for funding.

Make sure you plan into the event what time you are going to have breaks and lunch. Is this going to be a seminar that charges an admission cost? If so, does this cost include lunch or refreshments? It is a nice thing to have the first drinks free then the rest you pay for.

A seminar should be structured well to have the impact desired on those attending. There should be a beginning, middle and end to the event. When people first enter they should write their names and addresses down so that if there are any more seminars they can be contacted. You should have a list of objectives so that you can measure the success of the event afterwards.

Some people might benefit from counsellors so if there are some there then they can organise future therapy sessions. After the days events you will need to clean up and it might help to ask volunteers to stay behind and help you with this. It is a nice gesture to buy a little something for the volunteers as well. - 32543

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Remedies for Panic Attacks - 5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety Naturally

By Sharon Waddell

Many sufferers of panic attacks experience debilitating symptoms. These may include hot and cold flushes, headaches, chest pains, a shortness of breath, feelings of tightness in the chest and dizziness. Although medication may be a necessary treatment in some cases there are many natural remedies for panic attacks which can be used to lessen the negative impact of this condition

Manage Stress Effectively

Stress is one of the major contributors of panic attacks. Reducing stress is on the best remedies for panic attacks in general. Well known techniques for stress management include yoga, art therapy, cognitive therapy and music therapy.

Accept the onset

Learn to accept the onset of a panic attack. Don't fight it. The harder you resist the beginnings of an attack, the longer it will continue. If an attack is coming on then let it. You need to concentrate on managing the experience and lessening the symptoms of the attack.


At the onset of an attack redirect your thoughts to a memory or image that is safe for you. This re-focuses the mind and takes it off the present situation. This effective technique can stop symptoms becoming worse. Choose and memory or image that is calming and comforting for you. This could be a meditative scene, a memory of a happy event or a serene image like a still lake or a quiet mountain.

Talk about other things

Talking to another person at the beginning of an attack can distract yourself enough to shorten the attack. Just talk about anything at all. What you had for lunch, a future planned holiday, a funny situation. Really anything at all. What's key is to re-focus the mind away from the unpleasant feelings long enough to let the attack pass with minor symptoms

Deep breathing

This is an effective natural remedy for panic attacks. At the beginning of an attack you may feel you are going out of control. This feeling can induce shallow, rapid breathing as your body tries to increase the oxygen level. As well as the shortness of breath this can produce other negative symptoms like light-headedness and dizziness.

Proper attention is necessary to perform effective deep breathing to eliminate the shallow breathing. Concentrate your mind on slowing your breathing. Take deeper and slower breaths. Imagine your stomach filling up to your diaphragm with fresh air. The concentration will also focus your mind away from the negative thoughts causing the attack.

Many anxiety sufferers have benefited from these natural remedies for panic attacks. Try each technique to find a natural treatment that works for you. It is possible to lessen the impact and reduce the negative impact of anxiety in your life. - 32543

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Getting What You Want In Life Is More Likely When You Raise Your Expectations

By Karl Rogan

You can accomplish more than you ever thought possible, you just need to raise your expectations. The key to this technique is to learn how to push yourself forward without going over the top.

Why raise your expectations?

If you're perfectly happy with your current situation in life, you might be wondering why you'd want to raise your expectations. Well, when you expect more, you'll drive yourself to achieve that much more.

Consider a time when you expected very little out of a situation. You probably weren't unhappy with the result because you weren't bothered, but I bet you weren't really fulfilled either.

While having greater expectations opens you up and make you more vulnerable to failure, there are also big rewards too. It's worth it in the end because a negative experience is still an experience that you can learn from. A positive experience may provide you with one of those life-defining moments that make you happy to be alive.

Here are some excellent ways to raise your expectations of yourself:

1. Do difficult things. Pushing your limits can only be achieved by doing difficult things. You might not find success right away, but when you do, it can be the starting place for doing even bigger and better things in the future.

2. Increase your comfort zone. If you stick with comfort your are playing it safe. Learn to increase your comfort zone and you will open yourself up to new and exciting experiences. You'll soon come to expect more from yourself because your comfort zone is larger and you can take on more.

3. Challenge yourself. Set yourself up with a specific challenge and share this with someone else. If you've publicly declared to do something, you pretty much have to do it!

4. Go on an adventure. Try a survival training course, this will show you how to get back to basics. You'll discover more about your abilities and your natural limits. You can then use this self-awareness to challenge yourself to new experiences in future.

5. Self Improvement. Never pass up the chance to improve yourself, in fact, make it a habit to learn new things. When you do this you will better prepared than ever with the skills and knowledge required to raise your expectations and achieve greater things. You'll also find that new opportunities present themselves in almost magical ways.

Higher expectations will also help raise your self-esteem. What you think you can achieve is very important because it decides what you will achieve. When you raise the bar, you enable yourself to do more and be more than before.

What you think is very powerful, always remember to use this to your advantage. When you raise your expectations you improve your overall sense of self and you are better prepared and able to take on the world.

Try these techniques to help you get what you want by raising your own expectations, and enjoy the increased self-worth and fulfilment that come with achieving great things! - 32543

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